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Seven events. One series.

Race for points to earn prizes and bragging rights in this new triathlon series by Tris4Health.

Entry into the series is FREE and there is NO additional sign-up! Simply compete in 3 or more T4H triathlons to be automatically entered.

Which events are part of the series?

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2024 Events:

  • Bear Lake Triathlon (5/26)
    Sprint, Olympic, Tri, AB, Du
  • Grand Rapids Tri – Saturday (6/8)
    Super Sprint, Sprint, Tri, AB, Du
  • Grand Rapids Tri – Sunday(6/9)
    Olympic, Half, Tri, AB, Du
  • Grand Haven Tri (7/14)
    Sprint, Olympic, Tri, AB, Du
  • Ugly Dog Gravel Tri (7/27)
    Super Sprint, Sprint, Olympic, Tri, AB, Du
  • Michigan Titanium (8/11)
    *USAT Ultra-Distance National Championship
    Sprint, Olympic, Half, Ultra, Tri, AB, Du
  • The Dirty Mitten Gravel Tri (9/22)
    *USAT Gravel National Championship
    Sprint, Olympic, Half, Tri, AB, Du

Series Rules


3 Event Minimum

Gender/Event winners receive 1000 points. For every 1 second you are behind the winner, your point total is deducted by .1 points down to a minimum of 500.

By racing at least (3) Tris4Health triathlons you will automatically be entered into the series.


Qualifying Events

ALL Tris4Health 2024 Triathlons (in order by date): Bear Lake Tri, Grand Rapids Tri (Saturday), Grand Rapids Tri (Sunday), Grand Haven Tri, Ugly Dog Gravel Tri, Michigan Titanium, The Dirty Mitten Gravel Tri

Most points by end of season WINS.

The more you race, the more points you accumulate.

Series Prizes

Awards. Giveaways. End-of-season Banquet.

In addition to overall and age group awards, we will have several great giveaways for a few lucky series participants. Also, prepare to be celebrated for your efforts at the end of the tri-season with an awards banquet on us! Details to come.

Frequently asked questions

How many events do I have to do to be part of the series?

A minimum of (3) events is required but you can do up to all (7) events for the most scoring opportunities.

How does the scoring work?

Single Event Scoring

In the example below, the OVERALL sprint triathlon winner at Michigan Titanium (MiTi) had a finish time of 1:21:12, earning a total of 1,000 points.

“Jane Doe” finished her sprint triathlon at MiTi with a finish time of 1:34:36 which was 13:24 behind the overall winner’s time. Jane’s time difference is converted to seconds (804 seconds) and then multiplied by .01. The resulting value of 80.4 is then subtracted from 1,000 (total possible points that can be earned).

Jane’s point total is: 919.6. 

How does the scoring work for multiple events?

Multiple Event Scoring

As we learned in the previous question, “Jane Doe” scored 919.6 points at Michigan Titanium for her Sprint triathlon. Jane previously scored at the following series:

  • Bear Lake Triathlon – Sprint Tri: 906.2 points
  • Grand Rapids Triathlon (Sunday) – Half Duathlon : 500 points (minimum score possible)
  • Ugly Dog Gravel Triathlon – Olympic: 773.1 points

So adding together all of Jane’s scores, her total series points would be: 3,098.9

In this scenerio, Jane would still have an opportunity to score addition series points at The Dirty Mitten Gravel Triathlon in September, increasing her chances on the leaderboard for the series.

How do I find results?

We will link series results website to the main menu of this website. The results site will go live in conjuction with out first 2024 triathlon, Bear Lake Triathlon, in late May.

Are Duathlon & Aquabike events included?

Yes! Duathlon and Aquabike participants will be automatically scored in the series and awarded points based the overall winners of that respective event.

Overall winners receive 1000 points. For every 1 second you are behind the winner, your point total is deducted by .1 points down to a minimum of 500.

What about Relays & Swim-Only events?

Unfortunetly, not this year. Let’s see how things go.

Does it cost extra to compete in the series?

No! You will be automatically added to the series by doing a minimum of (3) Tris4Health qualifying events.

What do I get by being in the series?

Series participants will earn awards for overall and age group placement. Participants will also have a chance to win several great giveaways by being in the series.

Is there an end-of-season awards ceremony?

Series participants will be invited to an end-of-season Michigan Triathlon Series Awards Banquet. Date & details will be announced soon.

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